5 Things I Love About My Winter Hair

Mattieologie: 5 Things I Love About My Winter Hair

So, remember that one time I promised you guys I would make a video on my hair via Instagram like 200 years ago? Finally getting around to it. My hairstylist, Denitra, is amazing and is like my hair one stop shop. She does sew ins, cuts and color. Oh, and she provides the hair. This time around I opted for a Brazilian wavy hair in 18″, 20″ and 22″. She also gave me a chestnut-esque ombre type of color that I love! Below, I dish about my 5 favorite things about my ‘do and how I maintain it.

In the Atlanta area and looking to get your hair done? Denitra is amazing. Follow her on Twitter, Instagram or email her here. Tell her I sent ya!

3 Responses to 5 Things I Love About My Winter Hair

  1. Ria

    Extra personalities lol. I want longer hair. Mine is 18″ and sometimes I find it too long and yet I still want longer. My girl does it all too, blessing. Virgin wavy is seriously where it’s at. I have my natural hair out at the top so I have a little more maintenance than you but not too much.

  2. T. F.

    Do you do anything in particular to care for your natural hair when you have a sew-in? I am planning to get a sew-in soon and want to plan ahead to keep my natural hair healthy. Thanks!

  3. I make sure I wash thoroughly and condition well. I also wash every week with the sew in to make sure my scalp is as clean as it can be with a sew in. I don’t put heavy product on my extensions but I condition and lay my edges down with a pomeade. Hope I’ve helped!

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