29 Facts About Me

Mattieologie: 29 Facts About Me

I’m so excited because this week is birthday week aka #mattiepalooza week! (My birthday is actually Wednesday the 29th). So this week, I’ll be posting a video every day! In honor of my 29th birthday this week, I wanted to get a little up, close & personal and share some facts about me. I had a blast filming this video because it was cool to reflect on some of things that I have happened to and for me that not many people know. Hopefully, you guys feel a little closer to me after watching the video. Watch below, and if you haven’t already subscribe to my YouTube channel.

What’s one fact people would be surprised to learn about you?

12 Responses to 29 Facts About Me

  1. BOTH OF OUR FIRST CONCERTS WERE JT! Did Pink open up for him?? Anyway. I think that’s cool.

    2007. Dope.

  2. Ria

    Who goes around getting arrested?! LOL. Girl, gotta get your butt to California. Saudi Arabia! Crazy. Girl, I thought I was gonna marry Justin Timberlake like for a really long time. Any hint that he was into black girls I was there for and my mom fed into it lol. Now I’m like *facepalm*

  3. I love everything about this and love who you are and what you stand for awesome!

  4. Wow, learned so much from the video. I’m going to school for broadcast now, and sometimes i wonder will my life take me down another road. Love your personality, and those stories were hilarious and inspiring!

  5. Great stories!

  6. This was great Mattie! Sounds like you could fill up a book girl with some awesome stories. Shout out to your mom for approaching the situation that way. :)

  7. I really loved the video! What a great way to celebrate your birthday by sharing a little more of yourself with your readers. I also loved that it was in black and white!!

  8. Great video my sweet! Love that it’s in black & white!

  9. Great video! I’ve been compiling a Facts About Me list for a blog post, but now you’re making me want to do a video too. And, I still think Usher is going to be my husband. ;-)

  10. Love this video! You are so well-spoken:)

  11. Jewel

    I literally watched the whole thing! I think my love for Justin is the same as yours for Usher. I used to draw him and know everything about him…needless to say he was my 1st husband LOL. HAHHAHA at the 7th grade story. So many things to touch on in this video so I’ll just say I LOVE IT and LOVE U!

  12. Such a cute and open video. I usually don’t watch or listen to a full video but this one kept my attention. I can agree 100% about retail management…not something I’d wish on ANYONE! Lol.


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