Mattie Moment: Coldstone, Sunglasses & Bright Futures

So, I know above isn’t the best shot of me (I know, I’m channeling Michael Jackson thanks to the curls and military jacket) but I promise I was having a good time. I love Coldstone. Always have, always will. And if you haven’t experienced the awesomeness that is Coldstone then I am positive that the video below will entice you to go alas. Check me out on the KimmyKam courtesy of Kim of KimmyGotSoul.

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One Response to Mattie Moment: Coldstone, Sunglasses & Bright Futures

  1. I enjoy Mattie moments! You have the glasses on inside because you’re FULL TIME FABULOUS! You’d lose your “fabulousity” if you took them off JUST because you were inside.

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